Scrap Metal Recycling Services Is What We Do!

Full Drop Off and Pickup Service

Containers Available Upon Request

Pascap Co, located in the Bronx, is one of the largest scrap metal processors in the tri-state area. We provide three truck scales and numerous platform scales for your convenience. They are digital electronic scales and routinely calibrated to provide accurate weights. We use state-of-the-art equipment for the fastest loading and unloading. We also provide certified weights for all transportation vehicles upon request.

We provide services for:

  • Retail Consumers
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Industrial and Municipal Projects
  • Commercial Accounts
  • Contractors
  • Tradesman
  • Dealer wholesale business-mixed or straight loads
  • Transportation always available for material


Pascap Co has the following equipment on premises:

  • Hydraulic Cranes
  • HRB Balers
  • HRB Shear & Log Balers
  • Mobile Shear
  • Front End Loaders
  • Fork Lifts
  • Car Crusher

heavy machinery

Whether we pick up your scrap or you deliver it, our friendly and helpful staff provides the same quality customer service. Pascap recycles, processes and grades all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals so that it can be reused in the future and reduce the impact it has on the environment. After we process the materials, we ship them to refining companies who process the recycled metals into brand new materials that can be used in new construction, machines, or sheet metal for new vehicles.

We receive our scrap metal from customers who drop it off personally at our scrap metal yard, or through our pick up service.

Benefits of recycling scrap metals

According to research by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, recycling scrap metals is beneficial to the environment.

Using recycled scrap metal instead of iron ore can yield:

  • A 75% savings in energy
  • A 90% savings in raw materials
  • An 86% reduction in air pollution
  • A 40% reduction in water use
  • A 76% reduction in water pollution
  • A 97% reduction in mining wastes

Every ton of new steel made from recycled scrap steel saves:

  • 1,115 kg of iron ore
  • 625 kg of coal
  • 53 kg of limestone

Energy savings from other metals include:

  • Aluminum savings of 95% energy
  • Copper savings of 85% energy
  • Lead savings of 65% energy
  • Zinc savings of 60% energy

Bring all your scrap metals to Pascap in the Bronx today

We welcome you to bring all your scrap metals to our Bronx facility. We believe that our customer service, competitive pricing and prompt payment will meet all of your expectations! Call Pascap Co today at 718-325-7200 to speak with a representative and learn how we can help you.